Relaxed Melodies

April 11th, 2010 + 10:04 AM  ·  BenSen

This is pretty much my second project. I struggled a little with the volume of the different themes, so if you have any tips on that please share! I'm also not absolutely satisfied with the sound of some of the instruments but I only have one VST and Im not very good at modifying the given instruments so I have to take whats there.

Electronic Sound

March 22nd, 2010 + 4:03 PM  ·  BenSen

Hi, this is my very first project. I started recording music just a few weeks ago and I'm still learning the basics, so please tell me what you think and maybe how I could improve the sound.

I found this site through the FL Studio tutorials. I have seen just a few contributions but I already think that this community creates some very nice songs and I'm looking forward to maybe reach that level some day. I've got to get those melodies and beats out of my head
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